Ripped hunk stands there in his workout clothesBald stud shows off his furry abs
Furry stud stretches his big musclesBuff guy shows off his hot body
Bald hunk shows how big his muscles are

If ever you wanted a muscled god to make you feel physically inferior and weak well then here's the perfect set for you from,  Meet Joe Thunder (also known as male stripper Apollo Phoenix)-- who mixes both his skills in working out and his talents in stripping for this hot set.

He starts out in some hot and tight workout trunks but quickly throws them off in favor of pumping some iron in the buff-- and if there was ever anyone who should be comfortable nude it's this muscle boy.  He shows that not every bodybuilder has to be hairless; his naturally furry body really makes him stand out from the crowd.  Well... that and his massive guns.  Though watching his body begin to sweat from the iron he lifts effortlessly is hot, it gets really good when he moves from pumping iron to pumping his cock, as thick and beefy as the rest of his body.

If Joe was my trainer I know I wouldn't be missing another session. Check out Cocksure Men to see even more muscled men get drenched in sweat, you won't be disappointed.

Hot toned guy lifts some weights
Furry stud lifts some weights and shows his cockRipped hunk shows his big muscles and balls
Ripped hunk plays with his big headed dick

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