Neil Stevens in a suitNeil Stevens watches hairy Axel Brooks pose
Suited Neil Stevens and naked hustler Axel BrooksNeil Stevents examines Axels hot ass
Neil Stevens uses Axel Brooks as a naked human coffee table

Some say that money can not buy happiness, but at Men At Play, the recommend renting it if you have the disposable income.

Anti-social, over-achiever Neil Stevens does not know who to make friends, but he sure knows how to treat his employees. Macho bodybuilder Axel Brooks, thought he had found another rich guy to suck his balls, but Daddy Warbucks wants to twist them instead. Is there a lesson to be learned? Corporate America is all about bondage and domination, and you guessed it, the guy on the bottom is going to get screwed.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a millionaire to See this Beautiful Stud get Humiliated and Fucked at . Just one click here, and he could be your prisoner too.

Axel Brooks sucking suited Neil Steven's cock Axel Brooks licks Neil Steven's shoes while he massages his uncut dick
Neil Stevens opens bound Axel Brook's hole for fucking
Tied up Axel Brooks takes Neil Steven's cock to the hilt

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