STORY: Staying at Daddy Wolf'sTAPE #1: Christmas Eve @

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Date Released:  2021-12-22
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It's been years since Richie has been able to spend the holidays with his dad, Dr. Wolf. The two had tried not to become estranged over the long separation, but once they were back together, it was like no time had passed. Richie was still as in awe as ever with his handsome, successful old man and Legrand couldn't believe how Richie had grown into such a cutie.

The two could hardly keep apart, especially when they got into their holiday onesies. It had always been a tradition that they would get into their union suits, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the tree by fire on Christmas Eve. Richie would get to choose one present to open, saving the rest for the morning.

This year, however, Dr. Wolf told him which present to open. It had been a while since Richie was young enough to believe in Santa or strictly follow traditions. But he was happy to spend time with his dad and be like they used to be. But when Richie opened the present his dad gave him, he felt his face flush red.

Inside the box was a black object he first thought was a lump of coal. But upon further inspection, it was clear what it was: a buttplug.

Richie had never told his dad about his sexuality or his experience with his step-dad, Matthew. For some reason, he'd wanted Dr. Wolf to still see him as his little boy. Besides, it can be awkward to talk about sex with family.

But Dr. Wolf's encouraging tone when presenting the butt plug took Richie by surprise. His dad wanted him to explore his sexuality, and enjoy it! And from the way he was holding him close, Riche could feel a rising poking from behind. Richie realized his dad was getting turned on by the idea of him using the toy, something that made him unexpectedly excited!

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