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Date Released:  2021-11-10
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Scoutmaster Thirio is back. It seems that a single sip of forbidden fruit has turned this well-mannered gentleman into a raging sex machine.

He's heard the rumors about Cole and Jack. These two horny boys have been caught with their pants down by most of this troop's scout leaders.

While the rest of the gang are trekking on the other side of the wood, Thirio encourages Cole and Jack to stay behind to hone their knot-tying skills. Of course it isn't long before the sexy scoutmaster has them honing an alternative set of skills... ones he feels will serve them better!

Thirio strips naked and allows the two smooth scouts to service his raging hard on. These boys know exactly what they're doing, and, what's more, they're compliant, excited, and keen to impress.

Thirio slides his throbbing dick into Cole first. The handsome young scout winces and grits his teeth as Thirio's giant meat begins to pound his tight hole. The muscles on Thirio's beautifully-chiseled body tighten and contract with each powerful thrust.

Then it's cute-boy Jack's turn to sample the scoutmaster's power fucking. He struggles initially to take Thirio's dick, but some quiet encouragement and a bit of deep breathing soon has his hole opening right up.

Thirio is suddenly like a kid in a candy shop as he bangs each boy in turn with increasing power and speed, pushing them into different contortions to satisfy his seemingly insatiable carnal cravings.

He eventually blows his giant load into Jack, pulling out and watching proudly as a line of spent semen seeps out of the boy's well-used hole.

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