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Tag/Concept: Blue Eyes

Broader Concept

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SpunkBud: Like what you see? I’m loving that cocky look on his face

MalePrime: The intensity of his gaze…

OralPig: This is my kind of party

OralPig: Hot pic!

OralPig: Imagine those beautiful eyes looking up and those sexy lips on your cock?

OralPig: The look on his face screams “addicted to cock”

MalePrime: Getting lost in those beautiful eyes

MalePrime: Amazing eyes, just… wow

SpunkBud: Literally built for sex. Everything about him is just too fucking sexy!

MalePrime: Had your daily dose of sexy guys yet?

MalePrime: Doe-eyed, innocent and beautiful.

MalePrime: There’s just something about that look in his eyes, don’t you think?

SpunkBud: Hot sexy blond. Loving that six pack!

SpunkBud: Hot sexy blond. Loving that six pack!

SpunkBud: Fucking gorgeous

MalePrime: Beautiful eyes

MalePrime: Irresistible eyes. Irresistible lips. Irresistible…

MalePrime: Damn cute