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Bald Bear Jerks Off @ Butch Dixon

February 06, 2013

Cute bald muscle daddy sticking out his tongueHot muscle daddy holding his bulge
Bald jock with a PA in his uncut dickPierced hairy daddy shows off his PA
Pedro strokes his unct pierced cockHairy Pedro with his pierced uncut dick

Dirty fuckers are SO much fun in bed. And often you can just tell they're a dirty fucker by looking in their eyes. Pedro from Butch Dixon is one of those guys. There's just something about his look that says "hardcore". Then when he starts stripping and he starts pinching his pierced nipple you just know he's a kinky bastard. Then when he pulls out his uncut dick and you see it's pierced with a Prince Albert... Are there any sexually uptight guys with a Prince Albert? I don't think so...

So if you had Pedro in your bed, what would you do with him? Would you be submissive with him and suck on his pierced nipples and let him tear up your ass with his pierced dick? Or would you bend him over and fuck him like a dirty slut? I get the sense he's completely versatile and would be up for either one.

So whether you want to fuck Pedro or get fucked by him - you can see much, much more of him and other hot beefy men over at - check it out!

Beefy hairy Pedro shows off his pits and uncut pierced cockBeefy hairy Pedro showing off his pierced cock
Pedro shows off his beefy ass and uncut cock with a PABeefy bear ass and uncut cock with a PAPedro's furry beefy ass in a jock

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Nasty Bearded Pigs Having Extreme Sex @ Jalif Studio

February 03, 2013

Manuel and David get a taste of Mattheiu's sweaty feet and balls
David Novak licks Matthieu's sweaty feet
Matthieu and David campare cock sizeMatthieu Paris shows his hole

This scene from Jalif Studio gives you a huge variety of hot things... You've got the ever studly Matthieu Paris, the hot furry cub David Novak, plus two Latinos (Macanao Torres and Manuel Roko) and a black guy (Kid Chocolate) mixed in for variety. But what's really hot is that they're all pretty hardcore pigs. Many of these guys like nothing better than a big 'ol fist up their ass (especially David Novak and Matthieu Paris). In fact there's so much fisting hole to go around that the tops get to fist more than one ass at a time.

But it's not just fisting - these 5 little piggies like sucking on feet, they love piss - you name it and they're probably into it. But the best part is that if you dress these guys up you could take them home to your parents and your parents would never guess all the things these guys like to do sexually. And that's sorta of a turn on - I mean do you really know all that much about your coworkers? Maybe your boss gets fisted or pissed on and loves it? You never really know...

For more hot guys who are total pigs when the clothes come off - head over to and check out all the hot action. You'll get rock hard watching all the perverted things these guys get into!

Five fist pigs play in the leather storeMatthieu Paris soaks David Novak's fisted ass with piss
Manuel and David have their way with Macanao Torres in the leather shop
Manuel Roko works his fist into David's hot ass

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Manly Dads Bareback Their Boy @ Bareback That Hole

April 05, 2012

Troy Webb. Butch Bloom, and Jake Wetmore in jocksTroy Webb. Butch Bloom, and Jake Wetmore in jocks
Butch Bloom servicing Jake WetmoreJake kisses Butch, while Troy works his cock
Troy Webb balls deep in Butch's hole

Spit-roasted Punk Pussy is being served up all warm and hungry at  Bareback That Hole this week.

Troy Webb, and Jake Wetmore have decided to initiate their beefy little buddy, Butch Bloom, into the unapologetic world of real Man-sex. These two, big hairy raunchy sex pigs don't pull an punches when they start ramming their raw shafts into this lucky little fuck dog.

You will Bust your Balls when you see these Killer Bees fertilize Butch's Bloom at Get in line now if you are man enough to be next!

Jake fucks Butch while he services Troy's cockTroy Webb pounds Butch Bloom's ass
Jake Wetmore watches Butch Bloom ride Troy Webb's raw cock
Butch gets his ass fucked while sucking cock

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Muscle Daddy Is Bred By Furry Pack @ TIM Fuck

March 18, 2012

Four tatted pigs sucking and licking each other
Devlin Michaels getting his cock sucked
Mark cleans off Jakes cock

If you are looking for men who fuck like men, then check out the hairy cock-o-holics at

Be careful if you claim that you can't get enough cock. Mark did, and look what happened to him? Treasure Island Media put him on the bottom of a dog pile, but it doesn't look like his hairy stud is complaining. This raunchy sex pigs use this guy's fuck holes every way they can, pounding a pint full of cum into him before the host sucks it out. These mature muscle men have no limits.

TIMFuck serves bareback spunk worship at its best! Check it out NOW!

Jake bust's his nut in Marks ass
Jake Wetmore pounds Mark's hairless hole
Jake watches a load drip out of Marks well fucked hole

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Spanish Muscle Boy Gets Screwed @

October 04, 2011

Zach tongues Jorge's beefy chest
Zach forces Jorge down on his fat cock
Zach teases Jorge's hooded meat with his tongue

If you like it hard, hairy and uncut, look no further than Put text here about for the hottest Euro Trash on the market today.

For those of those of you who are new to the game, a dark blue jock strap means "Come Fuck Me.... Come Fuck Me NOW" but Latino muscle stud Jorge Ballantinos got more than he bargained for when he pulled it on  tonight. Shaved fuck stud, Zack Elias is carrying a weapon of mass destruction in his tighty whites, and hairy Jorge is doing everything in his power to detonate this stud's diabolical device.

This is the place to watch the top dog gets mounted. Their name says it all-

Jorge gets ready to get pounded by Zach's gigantic cock
Zack sticks his big dick into Jorge's slicked up open hole
Zach plays with Jorge's beefy muscle ass

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