Furry leatherman cutting the plastic wrap around Bryce
Michael Cory sucking Bryce's pierced dick
Four leathermen restrain Bryce Pierce in plastic wrap

Fans of serious edge play will go nuts for the dangerous games going on at FetishForce.com.

Simple bondage is replaced by serious mummification in this plot-less bdsm masterpiece. These four mature daddies have trouble in mind when the use a Swiss Army knife to unwrap their pitiful pierced present. But before they release the beast, they stuff his face full of dick and chew on his metal laced meat. How far can they before there are tears?

Pussy boys have no business at FetishForce.com as these mean dudes demonstrate. Are you man enough to take it?

Joe Stack floggs a restrained Bryce Pierce
Bryce Pierce gets his cock threated with a knife
Leather man forced down on Bryce's pierced dick

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