Tag/Concept: Smooth

When someone doesn't have body hair. Ideally naturally hairless, but also applies to shaved skin.

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BBBH: Hairy or Smooth? Both? Both is good. ;)

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BBBH: Tops - Love to fuck a slut that knows how to milk a dick, and you? Do you prefer shy, submissive bottoms or experienced power bottoms?

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Owen Hawk and Mason Wyler Fucking At the Storage Room
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BBBH: Fuck yeah! Play with that ass and spread those cheeks, make that bottom beg for more. ;)

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Daddy Matt Sizemore Breeds Muscle Boy Jay Hernandez
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BBBH: Spit is more than enough to shove all that meat into that smooth, eager hole. It’ll be everything but tight once they’re done. ;)

Muscle Maid Servicing Clients
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Thiago Romero Takes Matthias von Fistenberg's Raw Cock
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BBBH: A thick, raw knob like this is exactly what you bottoms need to get off. ;)

Couple Making A Cream Pie
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Slave Boy Gang Bang
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BBBH: Leave it to hung, ebony stud Champ Robinson to make a bottom cry out in ecstasy, one thrust at a time. Fuck yeah! ;)

Jake And Zander's Sleepover
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BBBH: Tops - What’s the best part of fucking a tight, warm hole like that? The first inches? Ramming in balls-deep? Pumping your creamy load in?

BBBH: Some bottoms need more than just one dick to get the job done, and you bet the tops are happy to oblige this slut. ;)

BBBH: Tops - Muscle jocks or muscle daddies, which would you prefer to pump a hot, thick load into?

BBBH: Hot damn! I hope that top loves taking dick as rough as he loves laying it, ‘cause that ass is begging for a big raw dick! ;)

BBBH: Hot damn! If I ever bottom for someone, he’d better have a dick this thick and large. ;)

BBBH: Bottoms - Fancy some big black meat for your hole? It could always use a good stretching. ;)

BBBH: Bottoms - Size matters, and bigger is always better! Especially thick all the way around. Wouldn’t you agree?

BBBH: Fuck yeah! The bigger, the better, wouldn’t you agree?

BBBH: Bottoms - Got the right sized tool for this job. Ready to get those pink holes wet, stretched and filled?

BBBH: Hot damn! That bottom’s dripping so much! Fucking love it! Woof! ;)

BBBH: It’s true for most cock sluts, when you go black, you never go back. ;)

BBBH: Bottoms - Wouldn’t you love to get spread like that, then used and abused by two hot daddies? ;)